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Ticket Sharing
Share Tickets With Other Zendesks
Today we're announcing Ticket Sharing, a simple way to share support tickets between multiple organizations. A support agent can now seamlessly share a customer support request from their help desk with another organization also using Zendesk, such as a partner or supplier.

Your support team will no longer need to spend time copying and pasting information from a ticket into a separate email. And you'll be able to ensure your customers get the best possible answer in a timely manner because the whole conversation is now documented in your Zendesk.

Register for a live webinar to learn more about ticket sharing.

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Networked Help Desk
Zendesk is a founding member of, a new open standard for better customer service. The mission is simple: to create a seamless communication stream among multiple partners and suppliers to deliver an awesome customer experience. We're joined by over 15 partners including SugarCRM, NewRelic and Atlassian. In fact, today we're announcing a new beta using this standard with JIRA.
Keeping up with today's IT Support
Before you can Love your Help Desk you have to understand it. Join Zendesk and Service Sphere's award winning speaker Chris Dancy on June 23rd for an online event that will redefine not only your use of technology in support but also the very future of support itself.
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Hands-on Training
Zendesk is hosting a 2-day training course in San Francisco on June 21-22 for agents and admins to get up-to-speed fast and learn advanced functionality that will optimize your support team efficiency.

The course includes in-class exercises and help desk best practices. You will learn the ins and outs of how to best configure and use Zendesk in your company. Learn more.

Upcoming Webinars
Why Zendesk? Customer Support Made Easy
June 7th, 28th
Perfect for people who want to a brief overview on what Zendesk can do for their organization.

Getting Started with your Zendesk
June 8th, 30th
Join us for a practical demonstration designed for new trialers.

Google and Facebook SSO
June 9th
Learn the benefits of Single Sign-On with guest speaker White Stratus.

Customizing Zendesk
June 16th
Reporting, tags, ticket fields and more.

SugarCRM Integration
June 14th

MindTouch Integration
June 22nd

Meet us in person!
June 7 New York
June 15 Atlanta
June 16 Chicago
June 28 London
June 30 Berlin

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